Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Trip Overview:

FatehpurSikri is denoted as the mostly acknowledged travelling spots in India. It’s a historical, royal and enigmatic envisaging the greatest delights of the Mughal Time Period encapsulating Akbar. Trip to FatehpurSikri is a welcome change for the travellers as you come across another city in India as soon as you enter Agra. The most notable features of FatehpurSikri near Agra are the Agra Fort, TajMahal, Tomb of SalimChisti and above all the best conveyance to travel the city is special Tangas.

FatehpurSikri has an intense attraction factor of owing much to its vast array of building representing and the artistic excellence of the Mughal rulers. It houses the several Mughal buildings which are true fusion works of Indian and Islamic cultures.

How to Reach Fatehpur Sikri

By Air

PanditDeenDayalUpadhyay Airport is Well connected to Delhi Airport and other States Airport. When at Agra Airport hire a cab to go for FatehpurSikri

By Train

The Delhi and Agra Cant. Railway Station are well-connected with each other throughout the regular train service. You can go on-board to Agra from Delhi. When at the Agra Cant station, hire a cab to go FatehpurSikri.

By Road

FatehpurSikri and Delhi are well-linked and connected to each other via road. Hiring a taxi can be the good option. However, you can also have an option for state-run or private buses to go to FatehpurSikri.

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